Leamington Records: Formerly Kenilworth Records


Kenilworth Records was a favourite haunt of TVRC, serving up a fabulous range of used vinyl to suit all tastes in music.

So when I heard the store was moving to nearby Leamington Spa , I was a bit concerned – relocating an established retail business, even one as specialised and well thought-of as Kenilworth Records, is fraught with commercial risk. The risk was not just to the owners of the store. From a purely selfish perspective, I didn’t want to lose such a great resource which was practically on my doorstep!

First Visit to Leamington Records

On Saturday 30th September 2017, my concerns were significantly eased when I went to the opening of the new Leamington Records  store in Spencer Street.  Unlike its Kenilworth predecessor, the Leamington store has street frontage in a great location, so is sure to attract a lot more walk-in trade. 

That, and the fact that many of the people in the store were obviously Kenilworth customers, suggests that the business will grow well here. It is immediately the best source for used records in Leamington.

Something More

Retail success is not just about stock and prices, but about how customers feel treated and valued by the retailer.  In this regard, Peter Hassan and Gary Freeman (who own and run Leamington Records) excel. 

They make you feel welcome, never pressured, and are always happy to share their impressive knowledge of music and vinyl with anyone who seeks it. You quickly realise these people are as passionate about music as you are. 

Not all record stores are like that, but it’s what turns customers into friends.  For any business, that’s the difference between success and failure, because it generates mutual loyalty.

Something For Every Taste

The stock is set out well enough, but I suspect the layout will evolve over the coming weeks and months to display even more records and CDs.

Rock, progressive rock, punk, metal, pop, folk and jazz are all represented in sections of the store.  If you’re not finding what you want, ask Peter or Gary – the stock on display is a tip of the iceberg. 

This is a consequence of the amount of space vinyl takes up.  I wonder if it might be possible to have a searchable stock list available in store or online?

Give It A Listen

Like back in the day, if you’re intrigued by a record or CD and want to hear it, ask Peter or Gary and they’ll play it for you.  When I started collecting albums in 1970, it was normal to have multiple listening booths with headphones, and the assistant would play the album from dedicated turntables. Now, with most music available via mobile phones, it’s probably less important.  Still, it’s nice to know you can audition a rarity that isn’t on YouTube!

Take the time to call in and meet Peter and Gary at Leamington Records. Tell them The Vinyl Record Collector sent you and you’ll get a free cup of tea or coffee! Then immerse yourself in the records… you’re sure to find something you want!

Contact Information:
Leamington Records is at:
13 Spencer Street,
Leamington Spa,
CV31 3NE

Tel: 07765 676756
Email: cash4vinyl@hotmail.com

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Saturday 10am-5.30pm
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