VHFSE Facebook Group  This is a group for everyone who enjoys collecting, repairing, listening to or just plain looking at classic hi-fi/stereo systems MANUFACTURED UP TO THE END OF 1981. This is not a group for snobs…it is for anybody who just likes vintage audio gear – high end, low end, and anything in between.


Whether you are a fan of the silver-faced (and a few black-faced) amps and receivers of Sansui, Sony, Pioneer, Marantz, MacIntosh, Luxman, Rotel, Technics, etc., the reel to reel and cassette tape decks of Nakamichi, Akai, Tandberg, TEAC/TASCAM, etc., or those fabulous turntables, speakers and gizmos that comprise vintage hi-fi, this group is for you! Membership is open to all.

Post pics, share links, brag about your systems, link to an auction site or website for vintage audio you are wishing to sell, help each other out with tips and advice…it’s up to you!


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